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Virtual corporate events and meetings

Research shows there is no substitute for the electric energy of an in-person show or event. But with the right strategy and technology, you can still create lasting impact with a virtual gathering.

Virtualize your next corporate event

To create an engaging virtual experience, you need to do more than simply put your content into an app or website. That’s where we come in. We’ve taken our industry-leading event production experience and created a peerless, seamless virtual platform that allows you to drive strategic objectives, strengthen your teams and inspire your audiences.

With our virtual event platform, your attendees will experience a fully-produced event. You’ll be able to:

  • Bring in live guest speakers and executives from all over the world
  • Immerse presenters in mixed reality to provide exceptional content that’s visually stunning and delivers your message with style
  • Use virtual immersion, which allows your audience to engage with leaders and each other using Skype and webcams
  • Create interactive moments throughout the presentations to keep your audience engaged
  • Use online game tools to promote message retention, engagement and friendly competition
  • Weave recognition into the event with shout-outs and fun competitions
  • Deliver production elements that WOW like dynamic motion graphics and virtual scenery
  • Leverage an onscreen, virtual host to keep the action moving

If you want to get your message across, don’t sacrifice the way you share it. Let’s work together to create a dynamic virtual event that resonates and inspires long after it takes place.


Here’s everything it has to offer:

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